Upcoming: ABZÛ

I wanted to start making videos on my YouTube channel, but other business and technical incompetence have conspired to prevent me from doing so.

That said, although it’s kinda late, there should be a video up on ABZÛ, the recent Giant Squid exploration game, soon.

Procrastination, ho!

dME: D&DA: O, #4: Probability Is My Dump Stat

D&DA #4 - Probability Is My Dump Stat
“Yeah, and you should get some new ones. Go on, now.”

Math says that it is super duper unlikely to get anything outside of mid-rangey stats, in the long run. I don’t know exactly what Rod rolled here, but it was super duper bad.

I also don’t know why there are giant spiders, zombies, and live traps in the ruins with the Eluvian. I could have put in an explanation, but there really isn’t a good one other than “video game”, and also I was running out of usable screenshots.